Thursday, August 14, 2008

Iced Salami Latte

After the ongoing discussions (from consumer's point and Murky's point of view) about clients rights and Barista's freedom in drink preparations or refusal doing so, we had an interesting order yesterday.
"Can you fix me a Salami Milkshake?"

And we made him this .... Iced Salami Latte.

Do you have a weird drink in your freaky mind? Our fingers already get itchy.

Oh yes : after this Murky thing we made ourselves a triple shot on the rocks.
NOT good. The Murky guy had a point. And his solution to separate the espresso from the ice was smart ; in Spain people order a thousand times a day an espresso with a glass full of ice cubes on the side. But there they sweeten the espresso first and then mix it up. Cafe con hielo, yummy!

Oh yes, don't forget to watch the Jack Nicholson's clip in the link. And the 333 responses on the subject. Do you have 3 hours? :-)

Oh yes (2), our dude liked the drink. LOL.

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