Thursday, August 7, 2008

Coffee Dosing August 2008

With our new Anfim we're totally overdosing for the moment. With brilliant results.

Years ago the Australians (Basset, Sebados, ...) showed us how to overdose, or grind less fine, but with more coffee in the basket.
The old Italian school still talks about 7 grams for one and 14 for two shots.
What we do today at Caffenation is 11 grams for one and 19,5 grams for a double espresso. The sizes of the filter baskets are : 6 grams for the singles and 14 for the doubles. So, yes, that's some serious overdosing.
Result : very steady shots. The higher dosing gives almost no risk for underextracted shots (like below 20 seconds) because of bad tamper leveling. The coffee sits so pressed in the machine, the water has almost no possibility to escape and this way the extraction stays in between 25 and 30 seconds. Taste wise we have less acidity, more sweetness and also more detail.

Top tip : I noticed the tamper needs to fit as perfectly as possible of course, but also needs to be heavy (we use the regular Reg Barber) and is by preference flat. This way I find it the easiest to get best results with the over dosing technique. Check it.

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