Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rwanda Coffee

The Roast of the Month at Caffenation is a washed Rwanda Arabica. I have no more information about it, but i do know it's a real top class espresso bean. Very good body, strong, little earthy, vibrant, low acidity and a mellow clean after taste. Best described as an improved Indonesian. Great to drink as a single and probably also brilliant in the blend, although we still rate our latest Papua New Guinea a tad higher thanks to its dark fruit tones.

Meanwhile I'm Cupping and Brewing Square Mile's Rwanda. A review soon.

And for all Rwanda lover's I have this very interesting 'Independent' article underneath this link.

It looks like Rwanda is the newest and hottest bean in 3rd wave land. And for good reason!

(oh yes ; don't you think this Rwanda flag is one of the most beautiful?)

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