Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Daterra at the WBC Finals

Quick entry before restarting fully next weekend.
I had this small email coming in from the 'Daterra Team'. I thought it was quite interesting.

Dear Partners and Friends,
During the last SCAE show held in Copenhagen myself and Isabela had the oportunity to witness the perpetuation of all the hard work Daterra have untiring done towards quality. Four out of the six finalists during the 2008 World Barista Championship were using Daterra Coffees in their blends. In total there were 52 participants at the Championship.

The 2nd place David Makin from Australia was using our Reserve Vintages from 2004 and 2005. This is also the confirmation on how quality in the Penta Boxes can be kept and even improved to prepare the best espressos.

The finalists used Daterra as follows:

Second place - Australia - David Makin - used Daterra Reserve Vintage 2004 e 2005 in his blend by Veneziano.

Third Place - The Netherlands - Liesbeth Sleijster - used Daterra Bourbon Collection and Bourbon Yellow in her blend by Peeze.

Fifth Place - Canada - Michael Young - used Daterra Bruzzi in his blend by 49th Parallel.

Sixth Place - Denmark - Soren Stiller - used Daterra Sweet Collection in his blend by The Coffee Collective.

We thank you all for helping us to promote quality and sustainability around the world and specially our staff at the farm who constantly work to achieve excellence in the cup.

Andreza Mazarão

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