Monday, July 14, 2008

My First McCafé Visit

In Limoges France, we were, after some adventure activity's with the kids, very hungry and thirsty. And there was no restaurant in that whole neighbour hood.
Oh yes ; we spotted a McDonalds. Not to our liking, but when you're hungry, even a burger can be tasteful.
Not .... I noticed later on, but what was more interesting was this brand new McCafé they installed next to the hamburger ordering desk.
Time for a test.

"Je pourrai avoir un Decaf Latte en un espresso s.v.p.?"
The two girls (I wouldn't directly dare to call them Barista's. At least ; not yet) behind the counter first look at me like I'm from another planet, while I'm start wondering if this was a Fata Morgana or something.
So I'll order again and then one starts typing in, meanwhile talking, a Latte Macchiato and a Expresso.
I'll ask again for a Decaf. They don't understand. "Un Decafiné. Café sans Cafeine?"
"Ah non", she replies "we don't have this. Only our regular blend."
Can you believe they start up this kind of bar, with two employees, and no Decaf or one or another different taste.

So, since Isabel isn't capable to tackle some Caffeine after noon, I'll just stick to the Exxxxpresso.

20 seconds extraction, grinded on Malhkonig and brewed on a La Cimbali, for one ounce of liquid. Seen worse .... tasted worse. Like at an average Belgian espresso bar for example.
It was comparable to Starbucks. It was warm and black.
And on top of that there was some typical French taste in it. Some undefinable specific cheap bean yelling for sugar.
I just left it half empty and started silently dreaming about my cups at Caffenation.

And I asked those two princesses from above if they had some Fanta left over.

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