Friday, March 28, 2008

Micro Roastery Verellen

Verellen is a cigar company with 140 years of tradition. Not so many people know they once roasted coffee as well. And, till today, even less people know they're starting it up again.
Our # 1 Caffenation aficionado Jazzy Jeff V. launched himself into coffee roasting. It's a micro roaster in the strictest sense possible, but it's working. We already had his wild Limu on the menu and now we're roasting samples of the Brazilian Coromandel Fazenda Sao Joao.
We took it to a Full City + and that's what we needed for espresso.
Cupping profile is medium body, but nice balance with acidity and fruity-floral flavors, a touch of mandarin and caramel and very clean aftertaste.

I'm already looking forward to the next try.
Well done Jeff.

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