Sunday, March 23, 2008

Costa Rica Blue Mountain

When Roaster Jean showed me this bag, resting in his roastery, i was fully surprised.
We all know the all famous Jamaica Blue Mountain, but the Costa Rica B.M.????
Nothing reported on the web and also the trader Phoenix didn't give any more information.

Well, let us roast some...

And the results on Medium Roast :

This big bean (small Pacamara size) is a winner.
The cupping shows good balance between body, acidity, flavor and a super clean aftertaste. We're missing some fruit, but as we're going to use this one for espresso and because we have enough tea's, Colombian and African beans, i don't really care. A resemblance with the Jamaican B.M. is not noticeable.

In the small espresso's i like the strong, fresh overall taste, although not everybody enjoys the domination of acidity and bitters. I guess that a darker roast could do some good for this drink.

The larger coffee's made with 14 grams of espresso ground in a double filter, 20 pound tamp and 30 seconds extraction gives one of the best lungo's of the year. Nice body, superb acidity-flavor balance and an aftertaste that is very full, pleasantly mild and super clean!

Equipment : Faema E91 3-group, Portaflon portafilters, Fiorenzato T80 grinder, Espresso Lab convex Tamper.

This bean could be a winner in our future Specialty Coffee project.

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