Thursday, March 6, 2008

Latte Lingo Part III

You have all these very typical names and expressions in our (coffee) world.
In part 1 and 2 i already mentioned some stuff, but today it's about the weirdest abbreviations and names.

Going over the menu we notice a lot of remarkable things. What for Lingo you hear us screaming or writing down?...

Cor = Cortado
Mac = Caffè Macchiato
Cap = Cappuccino
CC = Cappuccino with chocolate
Soy Pooh = Soy based latte with honey on top
Art = Double shot latte
DSL = Double shot latte
Radi = Strong lungo radicale
Forte = Double shot iced mocchacino
Macho = Mocha
Bouchée = White chocolate mocha
Nutty Latte = Latte with a shot of hazelnut syrup
Perfecto = Latte with ice cream
Bitter Moon = Mokka Harrar shot with cinnamon and dark chocolate
Al C(apone) = Lungo with cacao powder and cream on top
Flat = Latte with (almost) no foam
Vienna = Cappuccino with dark cacao powder and cream
Soy Decaf Latte Hot = Extra hot decafeinated soy drink latte
Dolce = Iced Latte with cream and cinnamon sugar
Kids ... = Smaller and decorated version of whatever
Mellow Man = Cappuccino with marsh mellows
Soa = Iced Italian soda
Soy 70 = Soy based extra dark chocolate drink
Iced shock = Iced chocolate drink
MC = Milky Caramel or milk chocolate drink with ice cream and caramel
WW = Warm white chocolate drink

Of course some of these names are just fantasy names. Others are very typical for the world wide coffee industry in the year 2008.

For part 4 we tell you more about typical verbs and habits. Looking forward?

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