Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Efico cupping session

Jeff, Bird and myself headed towards Efico for some cupping.
We are so lucky to have this very open minded prime coffee trader nearby us.
Last Thursday we met Patrick, Laurent, Jean and Hugo in their cupping room. They were just testing new Sidamo samples. We were asked to participate.
No good, not one of them. There is a serious problem with this years' Sidamo, and so it happens some of the so-called Sidamo is ordinary Soedan.
Fortunately we only buy Harrar and Yirgacheffe from Ethiopia.

On the photo you see three freshly roasted Robusta's. Vietnam, Togo and washed India, the one we use in our Italian Roast.

The other coffee's at the table :
Colombia Kachalu fairtrade
Brazil Santos Astrid 17/18
Brazil Cerrado Dulce 17/18
Zambia Chisoba AAA
Ethiopia Sidamo 2
Ethiopia Mokka Harrar
Indonesia Sumatra Mandheling Gr 1
El Salvador Pacamara
New Guinea Bitam A
Interesting was the Pacamara. I was willing to buy me a kilo last week at Castroni, but was already over packed.
It's a bit like the poor man's Maragogype. By far not the same unique flavor, but there is potential for the espresso market i think.
Our favourites were the New Guinea and Cerrado.
It was by far the best Cerrado i ever tasted and at a great price. I surely order me some bags in the future.

So, again, thank you Efico to teach us again some wonderful coffee lessons and see you guys soon in your new offices at the Italiëlei. That's only a five minutes walk from Caffenation Hopland, so we'll meet one another more often i hope.

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