Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bar del Cappuccino, Rome

Just by sheer luck i ended up at this place.
I had a couple of famous bars in my head and was ready to test at least five a day, but never expected the first one in the row would turn out to be the best.
Here at Bar Del Cappuccino, Via Arenula 50, i found the Godfather of Latte Art, Luigi Santoro.

I'm sorry i don't come up with a picture of him, but i assure you this guy knows what he does. And that's making great espressi and cappuccini.

Already in 1991 he was in Tokyo showing his skills to the world.
With his Promac machine, Mazzer grinder and Danesi beans he made me two superb espresso's and a latte art cappuccino for Isabel, the only one that week without air bubbles in the foam.

You can see at the photo the crema is still there after the first sip and the color is dark hazelnut. Very strong taste, but never too bitter or sour like most of the espresso's in Italy.

This is a must see place (Sant' Angelo neighbourhood and very close by the Ponte Garibaldi) for all coffee lovers.
Mama mia.

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