Thursday, November 15, 2007

Belgian Cupping Championship

These are 12 of the 16 beans picked for the Belgian Cupping Championship next week November 21st in Gent.
And I am one of the (i guess) 11 participants with the ambition to win this years title.
Another of them is Jean Lauwers, the reigning champ and top favourite.

In the first round they mix up the 16 beans (almost) randomly.
For those who had the best results, they post all the familiar tasting ones together in the second round. Examples for this year are a similar tasting Kenya vs Zambia or Costa Rica vs Guatemala. 8 triangles in total and up to us to pick the one that stands solo besides the other two that are similar. I hope it's understandable for people that are new to cupping championships. To be sure i add this photo.
When i asked current World Champion Anette Moldvaer how she became worlds best cupper ; she said it was all about good training.
Who am i not to believe her, so i threw myself into the cupping bowls and glasses the past two weeks.
It's never easy, unless there are some roasting degree differences, but i'll manage to pick the outstanding one on every occasion except for one. The combination Colombia Kachalu with the Ecuador Las Tolas Supremo was an impossibility to me. Are they that similar or did i found the borders of my talent?
Probably the second reason is the right one, and i'm deadly curious where i'll end next week as a new and parttime cupper against these pro's.
Wish me all the best. The competition at the Expo in Gent start at 9.30 and all people are welcome to enjoy the event and give support to the participants.

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