Sunday, January 10, 2016

TOP 5 Espresso and Filter Coffees of 2015

Here we go with our annual best Caffenation Coffees.

Of course these are my personal picks.
Maybe some roast profiles were not to your liking, or it was just not your favourite coffee; i fully understand.

2015 was the year of (relatively) weak Ethiopians.
We struggled to find great El Salvador lots as well. And so was also Panama a bit off the radar.

And again no Brazils that were clean and special enough to be mentioned here. Certainly not for filter.
On filter i like above all 'clean cups'. Coffee's without any disturbing flavors.
I like some extra zesty notes and fruitiness. And a long clean after taste. I suppose you understand.

(you can click on the names to go to the links for some extra info)

1) Kenya Thika Kiriaini AA
2) Kenya Nyeri Ruiruiru AA
3) Kenya Nyeri Kii AB (lot 2)
4) Ethiopia Sidamo Sasaba Natural (summer lot)
5) Kenya Kirinyaga Gakuyuni AB (autumn lot)

For Espresso i talk just clean shots, not milk based coffee's.
With our new roaster -and cooling tray!!-we were more in control of the roasts and so we could keep acidity of those punchy Kenyans low. The balance in general was better. And the flavors lasted longer.
Our idea is that the most coffees only peak 3 weeks after roast.

1) Kenya Thika Kiriaini AA
2) Ethiopia Sidamo Hunkute
3) Kenya Nyeri Karinga AB
4) Indonesia Sulawesi Tana Toraja
5) Burundi Kayanza Gakenke lot8

Right now we are still rolling with these last 2 coffee's.

New crop Rwanda - oh boy - is on its way over.

And soon we expect fresh Colombia and Papua New Guinea wonders.

So stay tuned!

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