Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mr LGB Winter BIS

Mr LGB Seasonal Specialty Blend : Your favourite Milk Drink Companion
In this Winter BIS version, half and half :
Burundi Gitega Mahonda Lot4
and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Chelbessa grade 1

For the second winter LGB we go for African beautiest, with Burundi Mahonda and a classic Yirgacheffe.
In Burundi we encountered a small delay in delivery because of political troubles, but quality and freshness is still guaranteed. And the 'potato disease' which gave a lot of troublesome defects a couple of years ago, seems to be almost gone. 
The Mahonda is as clean as it gets. 

After a couple seasonal blends without Ethiopia we go back to our fav origin. 

It's been a tough year to get our hands on a clean cup Yirg this year, but finally we managed to find this fantastic Grade 1 – extra special sorting – lot from the CHELBESSA Washing Station. Expect subtle acidity, with a touch of Earl Grey and yellow fruit.

Try to keep your shots restricted; this way your caps and flats will come out better.

And also for filter brews this particular combo gives magic in your cup. Good luck.

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