Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mister LGB Spring (2015)

50% Ethiopia Sidamo Shilcho, 25% Kenya Nyeri Mihuti PB, 25% Colombia Narino Piedra Blanca

The new Colombian crop is pleasing us and this Narino coffee is a super clean Castillo variety bean, but we miss some acidity and sweetness.
That’s why we are heading back to Africa. The Sidamo Shilcho is the basis of this Spring blend. Mild & Sweet, great mouthfeel and this typical Ethiopian touch.
The Kenya brings brightness and acidity into play. It’s a clean Nyeri Peaberry bean - SL28&34 mix - that blends well with the other components.
General brewing advise : keep the machine relatively low in temp (plus minus 91°c), don’t grind too fine and push extraction towards the 30”.
And, oh yes, this coffee loves fresh and nicely textured milk like no other.

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