Sunday, March 29, 2015

Brand New Roaster : Giesen W30A

When Jeff and I first moved to Wilfred to test this new machine of him, and that was exactly 1 year ago, we were really impressed.

The W30A is not just a step up from the 15 kg roaster we first had, no it's a totally different ball game all together.
Where the 6 and 15 are shop roasters, this one is an industrial roaster.

With much heaver elements, but also a much stronger engine, a double exhaust and a turbo cooler that sounds like it's going to give the machine some wings and fly up.
More information on the machine here.

We had some issues with the gas the first 2 weeks, but besides of that we get an improved result in flavor already.
The basic materials are much heavier of course, but relatively the same as it always was. More advanced it gets when you take a look at the Control Tower. You can adjust almost everything into the smallest detail. The electronic boards inside look more like it needs to steer an electrical plant than a coffee roaster.

Luckily the roasting itself it not that complicated, although we are still in research how to handle it exactly and how many kilo's we can roast at a time.

Soon more photo's of the roaster and for those who want to see the machine can always let us know and drop by for a visit.

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