Saturday, August 10, 2013

1000 .... and counting.

Probably over 1000 blog post already.

While some were deleted, most of them are still online.

For years this blog was my way of telling my coffee story and it has always been an extra push in the back to do some more research.
Bit by bit though i sense that twitter and facebook took over the internet and that reading blog posts was too slow or boring for most of people.
For myself : I still have a lot of thoughts and good stories in my head, but writing about this seems to be a bridge too far. No, I won't stop blogging, but yes, it's slowing down.

I have a post in mind about the Flat White, my current bar menu, my future bar menu, our bottled iced black program and the current launch Iced Coffee Pops.

So soon back on the track, soon.... hopefully.

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