Friday, July 19, 2013

LGB 3.1 Ethiopia Hafursa/Costa Rica Lomas/Kenya Zahabu

We're July and high season for the big coffees.

Stellar Kenyan, Ethiopian and most of all Costa Rican coffees are 'minutes' away from shipping and roasting.
These type of 86+ and even some 90+ beans have been in the warehouse before, but never at these big quantities and divers varieties.

We're also very psyched about the new Little Green Bag blend currently bagged/bucketed and (almost) ready for shipment.

Where we, over the last 12 months, totally changed the content every 2 months; now we have the LGB components shifting.
From Colombia Esperanza/Ethiopia Sidamo, we went to Esperanza/Zahabu (25%)/Hafursa(25%) en now we go :
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Hafursa Organic FT (50%)
Kenya Zahabu Peaberry (25%)
Costa Rica El Rio Lomas Estate (25%)

The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is picked out of 15 or 20 different Ethiopians we cupped and has nice mouthfeel, decent body but only a little bit of acidity (this year) and so we were looking for 1 or 2 good companions.
The Kenya is a very clean, fruity and powerful coffee but too acidic for high percentages, so we combined it with this Costa Rica Lomas.
Costa Rica is very often too bright on espresso, but with this roasting profile - thouroughly tested at a big food event in Gent at the beginning of july - we get a very balanced cup with notes of juniper berry and chocolate.

The overall impression is an excellent fruity blend, dead clean, with enhanced acidity which results in the best caps ever.
It's a nice coffee for all you 'iced coffee' recipes and very suitable for filter brewing as well.

Because of the relatively high average price tag we end up with a slightly higher price.

FYI : Our buying prices (high volumes) : Hafursa €6,1/kg - Zahabu €5,5/kg - Lomas (it's the fully washed blended with some honeys) €6,2/kg.

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you can find some more information on the coffees listed above)

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