Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Iced Coffee : The Sequel

Like almost every year at the start of the summer we start discussing Iced (black) Coffee again.

Last year we made a huge step into the right direction and poured in hundreds of Iced Blacks over the summer.
Here the article from last year's experimenting and final recipe.

Again, the main problem to my experience is the very long bridge we have to go from very hot to very cold.

With the slow/cold brew from last year we started half way at 40 degrees.
After dripping 2 hours the coffee was 20 degrees and then cooled over night in the fridge towards 4.

Today we have a different recipe and do not start half way, but stop half way.

For having the opportunity to make the iced coffee 'a la minute' we experimented again with brewing and pouring over ice. We noticed way better acidity/freshness and a cleaner cup.
And why not using a great Bunn brewer if you have one....

This is the recipe (for the moment) :
We grind a double dose of light roasted Kenyan coffee. Caffenation Zahabu AA.  240 grams.
Then we brew on our Bunn ICB batch brewer 2,2 liters in a container that contains 500 grams of fresh (and hard) ice cubes, no sugar!

I guess this coffee is now approximately 44 degrees Celsius.

Serving and diluting happens at the end.
We take a big glass (32cl content) and fill it up with ice cubes, pour in the coffee and finish off with a slice of lemon - no sugar!

Once the ice melts we have a cold black coffee that's refreshing, delicate, tea-ish and very addictive.
I think we touched home base with this one. :-)

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