Thursday, March 7, 2013

Milk Steaming Pitchers

Long ago we've been talking about this subject.

These days we have a couple of new pitchers coming in for sale.
We've been testing them and have up and down experiences.

For ages these classic pitchers were doing the job just fine.

And they still are used by most of the Barista champs.
I see very often company pushing the Motta Milk pitchers (the one above, but in stainless steel version). They tell the 'new' Barista's about the superior quality, but believe me ; if you can't do the job with the 'classic' ones, you won't be able to do it with the Motta's.
This saying; most of Caffenation Barista's do prefer the Motta pitchers, but they don't have to pay for it of course. :-) They are easily 3 times more expensive and for a 100% sure not 3 times better.

I like working with both of them and mostly just take the pitcher that has the right size. It's hard to judge what the size of a pitcher is when you read the factory guidelines. Mostly the smallest classic is 350 ml and the small Motta is about 450 ml. The most popular classic is 600 and the most used Motta 750.

The new black and white Mottas do look fantastic, I have to admit, but there is more on the market these days.

Rattleware and an unknown company that gave us a sample last week have a pitcher without a handle, but instead a rubber around the body.
Sorry to say guys, but that's worthless. Maybe someone is going to improve that one in the future, but for the time of being we're going to stay away from this type of pitcher.

Then we had a couple of years ago some nice colored teflon pitchers.
Nevertheless the price was very steep we loved them. I was like the classic pitcher but in blue, bright yellow, green and red (teflon).
Unfortunately the teflon coating came off after a couple of months, so that was not the best buy ever.

Then at the beginning of Jan we received these grey teflon pitchers from Espressogear.

Great look and feel and easy to clean, but most of all the spout is an extra plus with this one. It's just a little more angulated - extra pronounced (or how should I state this?). And that's a wonderful extra for all you latte art lovers out there.
And for so far we've been testing them, way stronger teflon than those colored ones before.

So, overal good news from the pitcher front and for sale in our shop very soon.

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