Sunday, January 6, 2013

CD Top 10 of 2012

All righty.
Best wishes for the new year and here we are again with the lists.

Not so fanatic any more on the music front. Mostly because I'm not doing a lot of bar work, but also because the music station is a bit far away from the shop part, where I spend the most of time when i'm hanging around.
Still a lot of great music last year though and even a recent album on number 1.

1) JACK WHITE : BLUNDERBUSS, on Third man/Colombia
This genius sounds like a Jimmy Page/Robert Plant kind of hybrid and back at full force with this epic album.
It's funky, soulfull, bluesy, romantic and agressive at the same time. It's melodic and funny, very acoustic, femenin and with touches of country and garage rock. Yes, a magic disc indeed.
Click here for one of my favourite parts.  (crazy shit!)

I remember buying this vinyl almost 20 years ago (in Hasselt) and rediscovering it now on CD.
The movie is a classic, but the music is even better.
What a band Herbie collected; My favourite trumpetist Freddie Hubbard was there that day, but also Jimmy White, Jim Hall, Jack deJohnette, Phil Woods and Ron Carter.
And then I didn't even mention Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page with their Yardbirds rocking and rolling for 2 minutes and 49 seconds!
Enjoy this epic 60's moment in this 3 minute clip.

3) PLASTIC BERTRAND : AN 1 on amc records in 1978.
I didn't even know he ever did more than dancing in this absurd 'Ca Plane Pour Moi' video. And the full album those days just stopped climbing in the charts at number 42, but I love it.
It's funny punk rock from Belgium from a decade long ago. It reminds me of Jacques Dutronc, but even less serious.
You wanne have fun in your bar : turn it on and play it loud!
And for those who don't understand a word of French : this is a brief translation of one of the 'couplets' :

what a vibration!
to be sent on the door mat
filed, ruined, drained, filled
You are the King of the divan!
she says to me in passing
I am the King of the divan

4) Johny Cash & June Carter : The collection.
5) Gary Numan : The Pleasure Principle
6) Sly And Robbie : Taxi
7) Stanleys Clarke : School Days
8) Archie Shepp: For Losers/Kwanza
9) Airto : Fingers
10) The Legendary Shack Shakers : Swampblood.

You want to enjoy all of this and much more : drop on by at Caffenation; from now on we'll be open every day till Christmas.

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