Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Postal Membership : This Week Malawi AAA

Malawi Pamwamba AAA :

This coffee is grown near the town of Namadzi in the southern Highlands of Malawi, an area better known for producing world class teas. Coffee has been grown here only since the early 1980′s, but with increasing sophistication. The coffee trees, consisting mainly of Catimor and to a lesser extent SL 28 varietals, grow in clay loam at between 3400 to 3800 feet above sea level. The coffee farms all maintain programs to subsidize the cost of housing, health care and education for workers and their families.
Planting coffee is also a soil conservation measure in these areas, where erosion is a widespread problem, as the bushes are planted in contour lines therefore controlling run-off and reducing soil loss. Coffee is mainly planted by smallholders, so it is often inter-cropped with other species in order to supply food to the household. Recently some farmers have started to plant macadamia trees, which can constitute another lucrative income source.
Cherries are harvested at dawn and brought to pulperies before early afternoon. Careful washing and grading is carried out on the same day before the wet parchment settles into separate fermenting tanks. Interesting to note that this Coffee (as with most coffee from Malwi) is transported through Mozambique for shipment from Port of Beira on the Indian Ocean.

What do we taste : Typical Eastern African Touch, Swedish Cinnamon Rolls, Little hint of Lemon Grass and Pine Nuts.

A vibrant and smooth bodied cup.

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