Sunday, February 26, 2012

2nd Belgian Aeropress Championship

Hello everybody.
I'm happy to announce the second edition of the Belgian Aeropress Championship (#BAC) to be held at our Roastery, Braziliëstraat 10, Eilandje, Antwerp, Easter monday April 9 at 14h.

3 (professional) judges will taste (blind) to see which competitor prepares the tastiest cup of coffee, brewed by the AP.

Caffenation will send all competitors a bag of the same coffee 2 week upfront.

We are looking to 12 or 16 (max) persons to compete. You don't have to be a professional. I think it's very good to have some amateurs on stage as well.

It's free entrance and every competitor will win a price.

Limarc will provide a mobile brew and espresso bar.
Now we only need sunny weather.

First come, first pressed : email me to step in.

Rules & Regulations :

The rules are fairly straight forward, 3 International judges will evaluate (blind), purely based on taste, the best filter style brew from the Aeropress. We want the competition to be as transparent as possible, with the intention of fine tuning the hugely varied technique used to brew on the Aeropress.

General Rules : everyone will use the same coffee, graciously donated by Caffenation Specialty Coffee Roasters.

The coffee will be preroasted one month before the championship. One 300 grams bag of this coffee will be send to all competitors.

At the championships we will have the same coffee, 7 day old.

The required volume of the drink is 2dl, which has to be served in the supplied cupping cup. It is up to the competitor what kind of water is used, no added ingredients are allowed. All competitors will have a 8 minutes comp time. Failure to serve the drink in that time will mean disqualification. The technique used by the competitor must be in writing and given to the judges this will not be considered in judging.

Equipment : The supplied equipment will be all grinders and boilers at Caffenation. Competitors are welcome to bring their own grinder.

We will have 1 Big Mahlkonig Lab Grinder. You may test this grinder up front.

You can bring your own, but there are Aeropresses available for those interested.

Any modifications to the actual Aeropress will need to be authorised by the Head Judge and if need by the organisation.

Water - Is not decided on yet.

Rounds : There will be qualifying rounds. Probably we go with a one against one knock out system. More info later on.

After each round, competitors must use the judging time to clear their station ready for the next round of competitors.

Competitors must have the Belgian nationality or must live in Belgium since 1 year.

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