Thursday, December 15, 2011

X-Mas Espresso 2011 : Brazil Fortaleza

It is a Mundo Novo from a tiny plantation by the waterfront of a lake delta in the cold climate and mountainous area of Caconde in Alta Mogiana, São Paulo state. The plantation is called Nossa Senhora de Aperecida and is run by the Menussi brothers. Quite young and very hard working guys, who really cares for their land and their coffee. They hand harvest everything themselves with help from only a few friends. They meticulously dry them and sort them the entire day during harvest. They are hard workers. They are privileged by having a uniquely located plantation with a huge potential that they are really starting to realize. There processing facilities are simple. No floaters or de-pulpers. So they only do naturals and that they do well. They have the perfect climate for it. Everything is done by hand. First drying on patio the first few days and then up to 2 weeks drying on raised beds, where the coffee is sorted and turned every day. They really deserve the premium payment they received for this coffee.

The Mundo Novo sits on the highest ridge of the plantation. This part has quite a bit of shade trees and in the end of the afternoon this part of the plantation is in complete shadow, ensured by the angle towards the sun and the surrounding hill tops. This enables the plants to rest. Together with the cold climate and the water near location this ensures the freshness and clarity that comes with the fruity acidity developed through the night time. In the morning this piece of land is hit by sun early to kickstart the photosynthesis and sugar production. This coffee has a high sugar concentration and a high level of glucose in particular, which contributes to the rich, thick, coating, fluffy (marshmellow) mouthfeel that builds a layer on top of the smooth, oily/buttery mouthfeel. High glucose levels give more even roasting around the crack, but also potential a faster roast development at times, so be aware. Don´t go to easy on this though as it does have a higher than usual density due to the fairly high elevation, but particularly due the cold climate, which adds a few hundred meters to the actual altitude.

ID: FAF_10_1076
Categori: Dried Fresh Raw Clean Green Coffee Seeds
Land: Brasilien
State of origin: Sao Paulo
Region: Alta Mogiana
Subregion: Caconde
Exporter: Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza
Plantation: Sitío Nossa Senhora de Aparecida, ca. 1180-1230 moh.
Producer: Selvio and Celsio Menussi
Method: Organic
Botanical varietal: Mundo Novo
Process: Natural, Selective Harvest (Cereja Cocô, Colheita Selectivo)
Drying: Concrete Patio + Raised Beds
Quality: Clean; Specialty Grade
Screen: 14+

From today on at Caffenation Hopland for €6,50/250 grams.

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