Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top 10 CD's 2011

Here we are again with the sound of the Nation : this is a Flash Back.

Flashing back on this year's best CD's. (not published, but bought by your royal highness, huk hum)

1) I remember myself, long ago, collecting rare Jazz. And one of the wickiest labels was 'Cadet Mainstream'. This year I was really impressed by a best of Mainstream CD, called THE MESSAGE.
Wicked Jazz Funky fat bass groovy horns kinky keys. I totally dig this one.
Listen why by clicking this link.

2) TRUE BLOOD Compilation. Never saw a minute of the TV show-series, but the Grammy Nominated CD's are really rockin. Volume 1 as hard as Volume 2. And the 3rd one is coming. A must have for every espresso bar!!!
Check out the first compilation.

3) BATTLES : GLOSS DROP (on Warp Records Japan).
New Wicked shit and good to theme with a double ristretto.
See their funky Clip.
Want more? Click this.

and rest of the best
4) Soul & Funk : Bill Withers, Still Bill (from 72 on Sbme Special Mkts)
5) French : Wizz, Volume 2 (on Born Bad Records)
6) Jazz : Freddie Hubbard, Groovy
7) Guitar : Gypsy Hotel, Volume 1 (on Gypsyhotelrecords)
8) Reggae : Tighten Up : Trojan Reggae Classics 1968-74
9) Film : Movie Themes go Disco (on Jazzclub/moods)
10) French bis : Camille, Ilo Veyou (on EMI/Virgin)

Hope you all are going to be inspired and pump up da espresso bar vibe will you?!

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