Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Best Belgian Aeropress Recipes


The two finalists did a great job with our Rwanda Rwabisindu filter roast (well done Caffenation Roasting team).
Most remarkable was the totaly different technique.

Charlene won with this one :
Take 15 gram of relatively fine ground (in between filter and espresso)
Water temp = 85°c
Pre wet the filter with a lot of hot water
Set the (pre heated) Aeropress, placing the funnel in normal standing position (no reversed!)
First give it a 30" bloom
Then pour in slowly the rest of the water (22cl in total) in 30", right in the middle
Then press for 30". Stop before the 'sissing' sound

very simple and good. clean, bright, well balanced. top job!

Marc came in second with this one :
Take 20,5 gram of relatively coarse ground (6,5 on a big Ditting)
Water temp = 81°c
Use a Coava Disk 008 and preheat both filter and Aeropress
Place the Aeropress in reversed (inverted) position
Pour 75 grams of water. This for 15" while turning the press
Let it bloom for 15"
Pour 165 grams of water. This for 30" while turning the press
Put the cap on, swirl quickly and give it a little rest
Press for approximately 50"
Let it cool down a bit

a bit more difficult, but more body, very sweat and creamy. i could drink this one for hours.

very difficult to pick a favourite, so just try both at home!

Oh yes. Also a warm hand to all other contestants, not forgetting christophe and simon, the other semi finalists.

Thanks Charlene and Marc for the info and good luck to everybody with the brews.

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