Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Coffee's from East & South Africa

Nice stuff coming in.
This weeks espresso of the week : Rwanda Rwabisindu : Big nutmeg aroma's, upfront some nice lemon, then very nutty, medium body and long and creamy aftertaste. The coffee is complex and becomes very sweet cooling down. I think we have a winner here. 91

This weeks filter of the week : Zambia Munali : Nice full aroma, nice acidity, bit of chocolate, 'Dutch drop' and wood tones. Full and clean aftertaste. 89

Coming up next week : Zimbabwe Salimba : Earthy, lemon, tobacco, wicked balance - changing all the time, nice cooling! 86

And a Tanzania AA Utengule : A bit stronger then the others, veggie stock, walnut, bitter but clean aftertaste. 85,50

We had at the public cupping yesterday eve also a Burundi and Kenya on the table. At the warehouse since December, but the same region.
Nice fruitiness in the Kenya AA. Always lovely.
The Burundi was better then ever. Sooo Sweet!!! Best cup and a blazing 93 points.

Soon more....

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