Wednesday, January 26, 2011

French Barista's

We have been talking about the coffee scene in Paris before.

As well did Oliver Strand in this article.

Bit by bit the scene is changing for the better.
Also thanks to our friend Channa who recently asked us for a coffee for the French Barista Championships.

Jeff filled his backpack with fresh coffee's last Tuesday and dropped some of the goodies at Café lomi.

A couple days later Peta came in 4th at the Barista competition with some beans of our best lot of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Peaberry from Mamo Kacha.

What a surprise. This girl practised not more than 2 weeks for the championships and we only came up with our coffee a couple days before the comp. Very well done Peta.
Winner was : Ludovic Loison.

Paul from Lomi won the Latte Art before a good Caffenation friend Anaïs who used (of course) Knopes coffee. Well done Anaïs!! Next year #1 is yours.

So things are moving nicely in Paris. Very good motivation for us to go back south from time to time to give them a helping hand.

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