Friday, July 16, 2010

Mark Weinberger Special

This man Mark rolled in the bar in 2006.
Nobody knew where he came from, nobody knew what he did.

For years he came in on hot summer days to drink espresso's, semi-sweet soda's and a cappuccino left and right, meanwhile playing on his Sony laptop and smoking Verellen vanilla cigars.
Strange dude indeed, but he was very liked by all other clients, except for the cigar smoke of course :-)

Last year we were waiting for him to come back from his winter holidays. His habit was going off for skiing for a couple of months and come back by spring.
No Mark to be seen for the full summer.
Yes we missed him.

And by the time we were really woried we read this article online.

'Our' Mark seemed to be one of America's most wanted 'criminals'. Serious? Yes.
The days he arrived in Antwerp he was on the run. He had several cases running against him and while he was in Greece, at what seemed to be his last trip as a free man, he took off.
And ended up at ... Caffenation, home of the brave.

Our weeks espresso blend is made to remember his days at the bar.
A blend of Malabar, Yirgacheffe and a part of Costa Rica. A Mark Weinberger Special.

Probably in jail for the rest of his life, but tasty in a cup today.

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