Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lost & Found at the Bar

Lost & Found
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This art work reminds me of my best New York friend ever. She made art with the same feel.
Meanwhile i just was willing to talk about .... LOST AND FOUND, yes.

Lost & Found in 2007 and 2008 at Hopland :
Socks, GSM (2), Photo's (2 packs), Sunglasses (3), Banking card, Bananas, College course books (17), Cigarettes (21 packages), Lighter (8), Lasagne (yum), View Master, Umbrella (19), Bike, Marsipulami carpet slippers, Backpack, Sleeping bag, Coffee, Keys, Tissues (13), Pen (11), Scarf (5), Gloves (8), Hats (8), Blouse (4), Jacket, Pasport, Money (amount?), Paper, Magazines, Books (3), Fruits and Vegetables, Fish, Bottles of water (7), Fax paper, Wallet, .....

Where they so impressed by that cup of joe?

No children, diamonds, illegal drugs or pets yet.

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