Sunday, February 3, 2008

Eva Solo

The Eva Solo brewer is one the most important products of this Danish company.

The idea is comparable with cupping and the French press.
I take coffee, a little finder grind than French press, and stir it up with water just off the boil.
Then i give it a couple minutes to do their job and then the tasting...

Comparable to the press, with the big disadvantage of getting too bitter after a while.
The jacket keeps it warm for half an hour, but the problem is that the coffee is not drinkable after ten minutes anymore, so...

Advantages : Nice design, easy and fast way of brewing, clean taste.
Disadvantages : Expensive (because of the design) - €60 for the litre can, hard to clean outside the dish washer, too bitter after ten minutes.

If you like the design, clean coffee and you don't want too much hassle ; this is Eva Solo Coffee Maker is one for you.

The Eva Solo is also a very nice tool to make iced brew. Kiril showed already on his Espresso run blog how to do so. I did the same last week and post my experiences soon.

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