Friday, January 25, 2008

Vandoag is't

There's a new place in town.
And the name is the title above. Yes not really under standable for someone outside of town.

Forget about it and let's focus on what they do.

Gilles is the owner and a devoted Caffenation fan. We met 7 years ago when he helped me to find people to interim for the fitness industry. And now i'm helping him to run this new espresso bar.

It's at the corner of the prince and princess street, nearby the UFSIA university and therefor packed with students. Yes packed it is, when school's out. School's out for Gilles and a first class Latte star, Half and Half, Cappuccino, straight Espresso shot or one of the other drinks on the menu.

His set up tells you a lot about the way of thinking.
Faema Smart two group. Faema grinder, two Macap's, a 58 flat Reg Barber and a clock to check the extraction times, 26 seconds split is the goal, and he's doing it! Nice materials and attitude to start up with.

Besides of all this coffee craze you can enjoy freshly melted chocolate drinks, fresh tea's or a slice of home made pie.
Check it out!

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