Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bodum Columbia Press

This is my Bodum Columbia Double wall coffee maker, stainless steel 0,35l/12oz.
State of the art French Press Pot. This was a left over from my Bodum stock. Of course it was not my first Press, but it is definitely my best.
Nice design, good press, fantastic thermal conditions and easy to clean.

The Daterra tasted very full although I don't think this bean is the perfect one for the press, cause it's missing a bit of acidity and fruitiness, certainly on the roast we need for the espresso machine.
I made two pots. One Saturday eve, the same day with fresh ground. And today, four days later, with the same ground, and yes again the difference in taste between both was remarkable. Less detail and much more bitterness today.
So please people, any system you use, get yourself a grinder and drink it all ways with freshly ground.
An advantage with the French Press is you can easily use a hand mill since you need a coarse grind. And a hand mill is very reasonable prized and easy to store. I guess Zassenhaus is a brand to recommend. Or Bodum, again.
Good luck.

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