Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Kenya X-Mas Blend

Kenya X-MAS Blend
• Gitura AA
• Gakuyuni AB
• Munani PB
• in equal parts on City Roast (filter)
Kenyan coffee deserves its own category in the coffee world. There is good reason why many of the most experienced coffee fanatics in the industry call Kenya their favorite: It’s a unique and flat-out spectacular coffee!
Why is it so great? A near-perfect synergy of altitude, latitude, botany and processing tradition is the most logical answer.
This coffees come from fields around the famous Mount Kenya, where most of Kenya's top coffees grow in volcanic soils.
The variety is mainly SL28 and SL34, with a little bit of Ruiri and Batian.
The Screening is a mix of AA, AB and PB (peaberry).
The blending makes sure this coffee is well balanced, with good sweetness, subtle acidity and an endless and clean after taste. We believe this could be you ideal starter of the mornings these last days of the year or the perfect finish after a great Christmas meal.

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