Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Flat White 2015

This is what i wrote 3 years ago :

All over the world the Flat White is on the rise. There are a lot of different recipes and stories about this drink, but all around i see the double ristretto based cappuccino, size approximately 18cl-6oz, becoming the favourite drink of the new generation.
The 1 oz espressoshot became a double ristretto, very strong, high on acidity and very siropy. The milk is fresh and steamed at +/-60 degrees. The mugs mostly brown or white and from Italian origin. The equipment is somewhat more flexible

And what do we see now april 2015 : The Flat White is (almost) the most dominant drink in the Specialty Bar in the big cities in Western Europe.

The figures are up. We prep 5 times more FW's than 3 years ago and it's closing in on our number 1 drink 'the cappuccino'.
We still use 20cl cups - Nuova Point.
The milk is super fresh milk from a local farm - Hollebeeckhoeve.
And the coffee - mostly a tad too acidic to drink clean - more concentrated (we use 3,2 cl double shots). This gives us a way better mouthfeel. Water and milk are enemies and the less water we use, the better the marriage between both. And an improved mouthfeel.
Also we get a darker coffee which gives us more contrast in the Latte Art. Yes!

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