Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Company Coffee in Belgium

It couldn't be a coincidence that a journalist from 'De Tijd', our highly rated daily business news paper in Flanders, called me to talk about Company Coffee. And more in particular why it's always that bad.

Well, those were his words.
I don't have so much experience on this domain, but it's true that we get almost every day someone complaining about the coffee in his or her company.

After some thinking i wrote this post last year.

One year later and after a few interesting experiences, i know better what we need to do to help people who fancy something more up level at the office or work floor.

3 things i want to say :

1) In the post from last year you can read about my hatred for lungo's. Something has changed here. I certainly need to do some more research on this one, but one thing that struck me a while ago was that the lungo (say the 15cl 'regular' cup of Joe) coming out of a full automatic machine is way better than when we prep it on a big espresso machine we use in bars or restaurants. Strange enough it is less bitter, less astringentcy and a nice fruity touch (at least with our beans).
I think it different for Italian machines, but Swiss and Dutch machines give a better lungo.

Don't go espresso on those office machines cause that's not working. The machines and grinders aren't heavy enough.

2) Meanwhile we see companies now manufacturing automatic filter machines. I need to do more testing, but this could be a winner. It goes relatively fast, it's cleaner, more people 'go black' and it saves money to the company.
The day i have more info on these type of machines, i'll let you know

3) Caffenation wants to start changing the ball game. We changed the espresso bar experience in Antwerp and surroundings by offering specialty stuff, real espresso's, fresh in season beans, lighter roasts, more service and more information on the coffee. If feel like it's time to hit the company coffee market as well.
Working now on the team and machine park and soon you hear more.  

(Dutch) Article from 'De Tijd'

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