Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mister LGB 1.1.

Mister LGB 1.1

We have never been more proud introducing a new LGB blend.
The main reason is this 6-letter word : GEISHA.

Typica and Bourbon are two coffee varieties widely known. Most other varieties are dwarfs from these two, but not so is the Geisha.
It is known since very long, but only really appreciated since a couple years ago when the Peterson family at the Hacienda La Esmeralda did some very successful experimenting with this very resisting, but low yield variety.
Main change they made was height; grown and processed high in the Panama Bouquete mountains the Geisha left every cupper stunned with fantastic mouthfeel and fruitiness. The coffee became quickly known all over the world and is these days known as the best coffee in the world.
Unfortunately this raised the prices to an insane level! The cheapest Geisha from this farm is sold for plus minus €40/kg. We had a couple years ago 50 kilos in stock and people liked it a lot, but we did not want to buy it again, because it's such an (over)expensive elite product that it did not fit with the Caffenation mentality.

When we had the opportunity to buy an average priced mixed stock lot Geisha from Bouquete, we felt blessed. Of course it's not La Esmeralda level, but still you have the typical overall Geisha elements : Silky mouthfeel, full flavored, fruity and clean.

We blend in the Geisha with two other coffees.

First one is an Ethiopian. We are late in the season, but the Limu grade 2 Doyo seems to be still at its peak and offers great fruitiness and the typical mystic Ethiopian smoothness.

Last part is from the well known Las Mercedes farm in Colombia Antioquia. We start off with the La Florida and probably finish with the La Isla lot in a couple of weeks.
This component helps us a lot in our milk drinks thanks to its refreshing acidity and brightness.

Good luck with the brewing! And don't hesitate to tell us what you think about this unique Seasonal Specialty Coffee Blend.

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