Saturday, November 10, 2012

LGB 4.1 : Rwanda/Ethiopia

First and most important part is the Rwanda Vunga.

Vunga cooperative is a washing station (coffee mill) in Jomba, Nyabihu, Western Rwanda and named
after the nearby village. The Vunga station is at 1463 meters, with coffee coming from the
surrounding hills ranging from 1700 to 2100 meters. The area borders the Virunga national forest,
which has a healthy mountain gorilla population, and is just a couple hours from the borders of
Uganda and DRC (Congo). This area features rugged terrain with steep hills and deep misty valleys,
which provide a natural water resource. The Virunga mountain range, which consists of eight major
volcanoes, is a branch of the Albertine Rift, also known as the Western Rift Valley which spreads over
Rwanda, Uganda and DRC. The name “Virunga” comes from the Kinyarwanda word ibirunga,
meaning “mountains.”

Our coffee is a mix of bourbon and typica and relatively small in size.

Last year we had a lot of delay on the new crop Rwanda's, but this year they 'sailed' the containers around the cape and so it arrived very early in the Antwerp harbor. This means very fresh, and tastier.

Don't kill me if left or right a potato bean pops up, but don't mis interpret this flavor with the typical pie, carrot, salsify (schorseneren) and asperges notes. Yes, it's all in there.
And more of the autumn, with nuts upfront, and laurel and some green tea bitters on top.

A very spectacular, but clean cup indeed.

Second part is a classic from Ethiopia, the Limu Grade 2.

In the past we hardly discovered a Limu that matched the quality of a 'normal' Yirgacheffe of Sidamo, but this year the crop of these last 2 area's is very shaky, with this Limu lot being better then ever.

The Ethiopian part gives a bright tone to the blend, also a good (red) fruityness and pairs wonderfully with milk.
This way the cappuccino's pretend of being sponsored by Snickers.

Our doubles give a nice acidity and some bitters upfront, big nuttyness and the best after taste ever.

Extra bonus : Thanks to the Limu we can keep the price of this Little Green Bag under control.
Hopefully we have enough supply to stand tall with this one till the new year.

Then we suppose the Brazils and Burundis come into play. B&B magic. Working on it.
See you soon,

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