Sunday, August 26, 2012

LGB 3.1. on the Shelf.

One week to late, but here's the new LGB brothers and sisters.

I suppose I don't have to introduce the almighty Yirgacheffe anymore. This Ethiopian classic is back were it belongs : in our most loved little green bag.
This last shipment from our favourite Ethiopian supplier Bagersh is a tad smaller in size, with even some nice peaberry ones.
But, as usual, cleaner then the first shipment at the beginning of April. And with more body.
Although we recently saw a small pricing decline in the green coffee market, the Ethiopian is almost at a historical peak, but still very interersting value wise. We still regret not having any more information about this Yirg.  

More info on the Collaborative trade we did at the end of last month.
This Guatemala Antigua Hunapu has all the flavors we want from a Guatemala.

When I cupped the filter roasts this morning I was again surprised by how clean and well balanced this coffee is. Enough acidity to keep our buds amused, but first of all this creamy mouthfeel is what gets to your attention.

Hunapu is the original name of Vulcan de Agua, in the native language K’iche, which is one of the most prominent of the native languages in Guatemala. Hunapu literally means “mountain of flowers” and is the brand name for coffee processed at Bella Vista. It is a blend of coffees received at the mill and it is separated by day-lots. Most of the coffee is of the bourbon varietal but there can also be a mix of other varieties, like caturra. The reason the Zelayas have chosen to make this a blend is because it is only within the last couple of years that the speciality coffee industry has focused on seperating lots and talking about varieties. The Hunapu blend is made up of coffee picked on the same day by different producers and is based, in part, on the amount of coffee delivered from each farm. It is simply not sustainable for Bella Vista to process two bags of cherry from each producer.

Good luck with this LGB 3.1., that should do the trick till the end of September. 

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