Friday, January 20, 2012

News for 2012, first quarter

Our Website is almost ready. Take already a peep now.

We're running the last mile of our coffee envelope membership. This project was a full marathon, so the leggs do hurt a little bit right now. Soon more.

Aeropresses are back in stock. As well as the filters, €4.

Still planning to organise the next Aeropress Championships on Easter Monday.

And at the same time an open Roastery door for all interested...

6th of Feb we have the Belgian Barista Championships with both Roeland and Emiel in the finals.

7th of Feb there's some cuptasting to be done. Roast Master and AP champ Jeff is going to defend our colors at the Belgian heats.

These CC's are being held at the Venuez Fair, Waagnatie. On this fair our National La Marzocco dealer Limarc will have a big LM (I suppose a Strada) fired up, teamed by Anfim grinders and tamed by Grandmaster Bert, the Birdyman. Come on over and taste some delicious Caffenation spro's.

Besides Kolonel Koffie, King Kong Coffee and Kornel, we also have Korsakov opening up, tonight at the former Bato Batu café. Caffenation House Blend coffees from tomorrow on (i believe).

Why is the K-K combo so popular these days?

We sell also sell Baratza Grinders now. The Maestro plus, Virtuoso and Virtuoso Precisio. Great gear for grand prices ; this means 'cheap'.

After reigning as number 1 Caffenation client (volume wise), Inspire came in 2nd last year, after rookie sensation The Village music & coffee. Lennaert & Angelo started off like rockets. This deserves a price; more coffee.

Much more classes soon at Caffenation Hopland, beginning with blitzing Home Brewing Classes. Jeff and Bird welcome you Sunday Feb 5th at 19h. €10 a person, still people needed to complete the class. Let's brew!

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