Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blogging Fatigue

I was just wondering why I lack the energy to write more blog posts. Or source funny vids, copy interesting photo's or inform you about Championship and new equipment.

I don't have the answer. It just is.
Maybe we over produced in the past?
Maybe it's the popularity of Twitter?
Maybe 900 posts is the limit for a man of my 'size'?

When typing the title I just switched for a second to James Hoffmann's blog. I was shocked to realise it was months ago I did this for the last time. Where are the days I checked Jimseven daily?

And what did I read?
James has the same 'illness' as I have.

For him no more blogging the next couple of months.
Probably I won't go this far, but my inspiration for new content seems to be hidden in a forgotten drawer somewhere.

Maybe i have to push it a couple more months and go for post 1000? A challenging idea for sure.

Hope to meet up soon, on this page. :-)

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