Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Home Brewing Session (and Aeropress)

Last week we had 15 persons over for our first Home Brewing Session.

Good feeling to see all those people coming over on the morning of a bank holiday.

On the program a short overview on our company, coffee origins and brewing techniques.

Most important was to see the 'best' brewing methods and to taste all these coffee's.

Starting off was the FILTER brew.
Conical filter with a 1 and a half minute extraction against flat filter with a 4 minute extraction.

Then FRENCH PRESS regular against a French press with scooping off before the press.

Then AEROPRESS classic brew against Aeropress championship brew (keeping the press upside down for half a minute to create some extra steeping time without filtering the coffee).

And to end a warm Aeropress against a cold brew Aeropress.

The coffee we used was a regular Yirgacheffe.

I was very afraid people wouldn't taste the difference between all different techniques. Also I was afraid they would prefer techniques we don't envy so much. Of course it's all a matter of taste, but it's our main objective to get the most and cleanest of tastes out of the bean.

For the (conventional) Yirgacheffe we used, it means medium body (even less for filter), a all over flowery bouquet with hints of citrus, sweet middle part and refined finish. A light coffee with no so much caffeine.

It appeared that most of the differences in taste between the different brews was very clear and the techniques easy to understand and copy.

The Aeropress seemed to be the most popular tool, which is understandable. This brewer gives you the opportunity to go either strong and small or mild and longer. Or somewhere in between.

Me personally I use the AP for a 25 cl glass, using 20 grams coarse grind. Isabel likes the regular technique, shown on the package, added water for a 35 cl cup. Evert prefers to improve his stovetop technique and grinds 16 grams finer (just above stovetop - 4 on a big Ditting) for a 10 cl cup.

Aeropresses are flying out of the shop right now.
For those interested : Hopland 46. Bring €30. First come, first served.

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